BIG Opportunity in Senior Care

April 6th, 2018
BIG Opportunity in Senior Care

Don’t miss out on the wave of opportunity in senior care..

Watch this video and reach out to your FILCO broker to learn more about how you can expand your business.

Medicare is a maze — here’s where to get help

March 29th, 2018
Medicare is a maze — here’s where to get help

With my 65th birthday — and eligibility for Medicare — arriving in a few months, my mailbox is full of solicitations for Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans. If I accepted all the free lunches and dinners I’ve been offered in exchange for attending these Medicare workshops, I’d be 10 pounds heavier.

Filco March 2018 Newsletter

Group Benefits Industry News

March  2018

A Note from The FILCO Executive Team:

Today, as health care cost are rising, employers are frequently passing these increased cost down to the employees.

Business confidence soaring…2018 Business Leaders Outlook from JPMORGAN

March 9th, 2018

 Well if you had any doubt about the strength of the economy read this...

Middle market executives are overwhelmingly upbeat about the economy and their own companies for the year ahead. Nearly 1,700 executives completed our annual Business Leaders Outlook survey in January, expressing the highest levels of optimism in its eight-year history.